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Hey Y'all

2011-08-27 21:32:55 by Vousielle

In love, talk to ya later


2011-03-28 08:08:34 by Vousielle

The biting chill of Spring is in the air. Getting up at 5:45, waiting around outside in 35 degree weather for the dining hall to open, the effects of the night previous still holding sway over your body. It is time for classes again, ISN'T THAT FUCKING DELIGHTFUL.

I have been very busy due to the deaths of all of my Grandparents this year, and I just haven't been in the mood to draw or post. However with classes starting soon I suspect I will be doing a bit more art and you folks can wait with baited breath for whatever I manage to scrawl.


2010-07-11 21:14:59 by Vousielle

My grandfather on my father's side passed away as well this year. Sorry if I haven't been online alot this year.


2010-04-09 10:24:16 by Vousielle

My grandfather is dying, and yet I don't feel upset.
He has been in a downward spiral for a long time, and I think it is time for him to go.

Grandpa died late Monday night, and we will have a party at the Biergarten at Grant's Farm in St. Louis.
There will be beer and bratwurst, which I think is what he would have wanted. He was a interesting man, a bit of a roustabout in his youth, an artillery man in Korea, a bareknuckle boxer, a member of a barbershop quartet, a ladies man (well into his old age), a carpenter, an artist, and one of the draftsmen who designed the FA-18 for Boeing.


2010-03-21 01:41:31 by Vousielle

I am back-ish, and will post new drawringings

Listen to 'This Fucking Job' by the Drive-By Truckers, download it with limewire you fucking pussy.

Oh no!

2009-09-14 09:32:09 by Vousielle

My scanner is grievously wounded. Updates to come.

Im Back

2009-06-15 20:29:45 by Vousielle

Im back from vacation, but I still wont be posting too often because I need to adjust to my new job.

Going on Vacation.

2009-05-24 22:49:51 by Vousielle



2009-05-13 13:25:34 by Vousielle

You may have noticed that I haven't been very active, artwise. This is because my old scanner finally gave up the ghost. This was the catalyst required to make me go out an purchase a Wacom tablet. Go me!